The Central Florida Ice Hockey Officials Association is a local organization comprised of registered USA Hockey officials, whose main purpose is to provide high quality officiating services to ice hockey organizations in the Tampa Bay area. CFIHOA shall achieve this goal by offering its members training through both USA Hockey officiating seminars and periodic local clinics, by providing performance feedback through evaluation and/or mentoring programs, by defining a clear set of policies to encourage professionalism and fairness, by offering its members an adequate level of compensation for their services, and by maintaining open communication with the organizations which we serve in order to address their questions and concerns.


Good afternoon fellow officials,

I hope that this email finds all of you and your families well, healthy, and not seriously impacted by the current Covid situation.

It is that time of year – USA Hockey Registration and SEMINAR SEASON!!  This year will look vastly different in terms of seminars due to Covid-19.  The majority of our seminars, at least in the early part of seminar season, will be VIRTUAL, utilizing the ZOOM platform.
As an instructional staff, I can assure you that this decision was not made lightly.  WE truly appreciate the time we get together and the conversations that are generated as a result of doing in person seminars.  Because we value all of you and your health and wellbeing, we feel that for the majority of the state, that it just isn’t safe to put 30-50 people in a classroom environment for several hours.
We have posted Seminars for all levels through September… As these seminars fill up, we will add more.  I need to stress, that signing up for these early seminars is critical as we can’t be swamped with all 600+ officials waiting and all needing a seminar in October, it physically can’t happen…  Even though they are virtual, the seminar team is still volunteering an inordinate about of time, and we need to respect that by trying to lighten their load, and keeping full houses in seminars to reduce the overall number we need to hold.   (An old adage comes to mind!!  A failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part.)
You presently have 9 Florida hosted seminars scheduled on different days and times to choose from as well as any other virtual seminars throughout the US that are being offered.
The Level 4 seminar should also be posted soon.
Here are some things to know and consider as you register and select your seminar.
1) Make SURE that when you register for a seminar, that you note whether it is in-person or virtual.  There are a few in-person seminar options floating around.
2) Seminars are no longer region specific… if you see a virtual seminar from another District that fits your schedule better – feel free to sign up.
3) When you log into the Zoom Meeting, please make sure that your screen name shows your name as it is on your registration.  For example, CHRIS MARRINER, would be perfect, MARRINER FAMILY would be OK if there is only one of you… but the screen name BIGGOALIE123 doesn’t let us know who you are.  We will ask you to change it so we can mark you as attended.
4) For attendance purposes, if you have multiple family members on the same zoom, it would be beneficial if they each log in to a device with their own Screen Name.
5) Attendance will be tracked via Chat, Polls, and Camera activity.  Don’t plan on just logging in and turning your camera off. (you know who you are)     🙂
6) CLOSED BOOK EXAMS – for Level 2, 3, and 4.  A link to your Closed Book exam will be sent to you after attendance for the seminar is closed.  You will have 7 days to complete your closed book exam.  It will need to be completed during 1 session.  Please plan accordingly, if you are going on vacation the day after your seminar, plan on bringing your laptop with you to complete the exam.  AGAIN – you will only have 7 days to complete.
7) We will be utilizing a “waiting room” to ensure that only registered officials for that seminar are allowed into that seminar.  The Seminar Coordinator, meeting host, will grant you access to the Zoom.  There will be NO WALK-UPS allowed.
8) The link to the Zoom Meeting will be sent to you 1 hour in advance of the Seminar.  This email will be sent to the Email address on file in your USA Hockey Profile, and Seminar Registration… if you don’t see this email 45 minutes prior to start, check your Spam, and Junk Mail folders.

I recognize that news of seminar dates has been slow coming out.  I truly appreciate your patience as we planned for the safest possible solution.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!


Christopher Marriner
USA Hockey Florida Supervisor of Officials